Anonymous asked: (2/2) i dont know how to address this to him, or just explain it so that he'll stop downing his on opinions and basically let me walk all over him. be a man, i guess, you know? i just want to know how to explain to him that he doesnt have to be like that or how to address the situation for him to understand what i mean and for him to stop :/

I think you should just be open and tell him that he won’t be upsetting you by expressing his opinions, and in fact you want him to do so. I could be wrong but it seems to me like this could be a sign that he has low self-esteem, so he automatically acts as if what he likes/wants is not important.

However, you can’t expect him to change this about himself overnight, so once you tell him, encourage him every now and then so he can gradually change his habit. Tell him you want to hear what his opinion is, and it doesn’t always have to be the same as yours. Say that you love him for who he is, not because he agrees with you all the time.

If you are gentle, encouraging, and supportive, he will see with time that his opinions matter and that he should be open about them.

Anonymous asked: (1/2) so i have a passive boyfriend which really bothers me. like, he always wants me to be happy, or satisfied, which is nice but even if it means pretending he doesn't have a different opinion on something, or an opinion at all. (i hope that made sense) like for example, he has an all time favorite band. if i were to say they sucked, he'd probably say ''i mean yeah they're not that great really.'' when i know for a fact he loves them. does that make sense? ahh.

Anonymous asked: " Hey, I have credit or whatever it's called now (: " should I text my crush that or should I say something else idk ? :/

You could just say “Hey, I got credit on my phone so I can text now :)”! x 

Anonymous asked: why does your ask button go to the message option?

Because I want my askers to see what I’ve written there :) It still works as a regular ask box though.

Anonymous asked: i feel like people are always taking advantage of me and i dont know what to do..

If you feel this way, then you should learn to remember this - people can only take advantage of you if you allow them to.

Making a conscious effort to be firmer, more assertive and more confident will help too. When people see a person who will stand up for themselves and not take others’ nonsense, they respect that person and are more afraid to take them for granted.

I hope this helps! x

Anonymous asked: Hi! So for a while I was talking to this girl online. She was quirky, but seemed harmless. Through facetiming she accidentally got my number, and the more I talk to her, the more I realize that she's actually really REALLY crazy. Recently this has been scaring me, and I'm not really sure what to do.

The best solution would be for you to cut her out. There is no way of doing this in halves - remove her from your life completely. If she texts/calls you, use the internet to find out how to block a number from contacting you, or if you can’t figure that out then call your service provider to block her number. If she calls you on FaceTime, just ignore her until she hopefully gets the message.

If you have her on any other online modes (Facebook etc.), delete and block her. Crazy strangers are never good news and it is best to deal with them extremely.

If all this doesn’t work and things get out of control, you should not hesitate to involve the police. Hopefully it doesn’t get to that, though!

I hope this helps.

Anonymous asked: but it still sucks and i dont know what to do cause he's been ignoring me for no reason at all. i just hate that i've avoided liking/crushing on people and when i decide to admit to myself like hey, i like this kid, THIS happens. i'll be okay eventually but as of now it really hurts.


I can imagine how you must be feeling. I am not sure and I could be off the mark here, but I have a feeling that maybe this person found out/realised you liked him and that made him feel weird or something. But if this is enough to scare him off, then he probably wasn’t worth it anyway.

I think that you shouldn’t make any sort of conscious effort to stop yourself from liking anyone or to like anyone. Things usually get complicated when we try to control our feelings. Whatever has to happen, just let it happen. This is one area of life where trying too hard to control things can actually wreck it.

And like you said - you will be okay eventually. The very fact that you’re saying this means that you know it’s not worth getting messed up over! You are strong and this feeling will have passed before you know it. :)

Anonymous asked: (1/2) so i've been like avoiding liking/crushing on people lately for a while now and this kid ive been talking to likes (well, liked) me and like idk i finally admit to myself that i do like him and stuff and like out of no where he starts ignoring me. absolutely no reason. and idk i just feel stupid cause when i decide to actually like someone for once, this happens. and i just found out hes talking to some girl which shouldnt really bother me i guess cause we're both single so.


Anonymous asked: I can't get over my ex, my first girlfriend who usually helps me hates me now because of another ex of mine, I fucking hate it and I'm done with everything. The other ex has been trying to ruin my life for the past year, and she has. She played a major role in my and my last girlfriend breaking up, and now she got my first girlfriend to hate me, and it's all lies and absolute bull shit. I just don't know what I did to deserve this life I really don't.

If this girl is making such a concentrated effort to ruin your life, she’s clearly still hung up on you some way, whether or not she still likes you. Look at it this way - isn’t it pathetic how she behaves and the way she takes out so much time to purposely trouble you? You are far better than this girl who clearly has nothing better to do in her life.

I know this is easier said than done, but now that everything has happened, just try to let it go and move on. Leave all this in the past - it is the only way you’ll ever stop feeling frustrated. As for needing your first girlfriend to help you: you only need her as far as you tell yourself you do! You are not giving yourself enough credit. If you make a genuine effort to get past this without her, you will be surprised to find the amount of strength you never realised you had in you. And at the end when you finally get over this, you will feel proud and this will feel like a true victory because you did it by yourself.

Also, the last thing you should do is indulge in self-pity. It is an easy path to go down, but a bad one because all you will end up accomplishing is feeling bad for yourself, and never getting better. So start by telling yourself “Some bad shit happened to me. So what? Shit happens to everyone. I’m gonna get past this and I am strong enough for it to not bother me.”

Good luck and I hope this helps. xx

Anonymous asked: so i have a membership to a gym that i recently got. i want to start working out to lose weight and attempt to boost my confidence! the thing is, i'm too nervous to go alone. none of my friends have memberships or would want to go. i'm an extremely shy and nonsocioal. should i just start going alone and get used to it? should i just work out at home?

If you have a membership, then I say you should just give yourself a push and start going. I can understand your nervousness about this situation - many first time gym-goers feel unnerved by the idea of looking like a noob in front of the buff and fit people at the gym.

But ask yourself - does this really matter? Chances are, the people you see at the gym will be too busy in their own workout to give you a second thought. And even if somebody looks at you, it’ll probably be a stranger who is irrelevant to your life.

Once you make it a routine, this nervousness will gradually fade away as you get used it + start feeling better about yourself as you start getting fitter. 

Hope this helps. :)