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Anonymous asked: today i met this really good lookin guy - enormous flirt.. i could tell he likes me. he asked me how old i was... im 16 and said 18. he told me he is 30 (which is pretty shocking as he looks much younger). he continued to flirt etc nd i think things could go further but im on my period. 1. what do you think of the age situation? 2. What do I tell him if we are getting steamy and he wants to have sex? I never know how to handle the period situation with guys in general actually....? thanx!

Well, since you’re not yet an adult, I suggest you think very carefully before taking this any further, because he could get into trouble for having sex with a minor.
Also, I know that you feel it might affect your chances with him, but you should be honest about your age because if he finds out later that you’re 16 and not 18, he’d feel misled, and basically it isn’t a fair thing to do.

As for the period situation in general with guys, you need not tell them anything (if you’re not close enough with the guy, as in this case), just say you’re not up for it or that you’d like to do it some other time. If he still tries to convince you, then maybe tell him the real reason.
But, you’d be surprised to know how many guys are okay with having sex with a girl while she’s on her period. If you’re okay with it, then you should ask him if he is.

In this case, though, just please be careful! A lot of trouble could potentially ensue from this.

Good luck. x

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